PHOTOGRAPHY   My process as a photorapher begins with noticing. I take special pleasure in photographing what seems ordinary and is often overlooked—capturing with  camera moments of light, texture, and color, often creating Intimate Landscapes that are somewhat abstract, often surprising, and usually beautiful. As an anthropologist. I enjoy photographing unusual aspects and unexpected views of places and people's activities, both at home and abroad. As a social activist, I occasionally volunteer as a photographer for a non-profit, making images to use in its brochures and websites.

In the 21st century, I have gladly embraced digital photography, and shoot in RAW and jpg with a Canon DSLR. I've had a couple of single-person shows in Mexico, a number of exhibits in Santa Cruz, and have participated in Santa Cruz Open Studios year since 2014. Click here to see my photography page.


DRAWINGS TO AMUSE AND DELIGHT  An inveterate doodler, I have made humorous line drawings since an extremely young age. Calling them "cartoons" is somewhat misleading, since they owe more to  the spirit of Thurber, Steinberg, Feiffer, and Chast than they do to either Captain Marvel or Disney. They have a sweet quality, are usually ironic but never satiric, including the new venture of food cartoons I have been pleased to publish for several years in  Gastronomica: Critical Food Studies. I see some of them at Open Studios in various formats.

Yard to Table: Adventures in growing & making food.

Notes, Queries and Enthusiasms.

In the 21st century I have been returning to Mexico, where I grew up, and feel very comfortable in the culture and language. Recently I finished producing and directed a full-length documentary video. It invites the viewers (with no voice-over) into the world and struggles of artisans in Pátzcuaro, Michoacán, Mexico (El Oficio del Arte; English subtitled version is called The Work of Art; 126 min.). I'm calling my nascent production company Tianguis Producciones, named for the Aztec open air markets.

BOOKS, ARTICLES, AND OTHER ACADEMIC WRITINGS  I’m a cultural anthropologist. My studies in the last twenty+ years have focused on visible and audible aspects of culture--the arts, especially non-Western; visual culture; museums and their narratives; photography; ethnographic film; digital anthropology.

My current manuscript and recent articles consider what is happening to arts and artists from the Fourth World in the twenty first century, along with the changing narratives in Anthropology, Art History, and museology that seek to understand them.