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     For a couple of years I've been publishing cartoons in Gastronomica: Critical Food Studies, a general-interest journal published by U.C. Press four times a year. It has articles by food historians, journalists, sociologists, historians, anthropologists, and others.

      To your left is a "gallery" of many of the cartoons that have appeared in Gastronomica. You can scroll through them and they will get bigger. "Basic Food Groups" was a four-page spread;
"Yoga Weekend" was a two-page spread, showing What you See on p.1 and What You Don't See on p.2. The rest of them shown here appeared as single pages.

Ornamental Knowledge - info   

THIS PAGE IS INCOMPLETE but functional, insofar as it is done!


   I make humorous line drawings and cartoons, a nearly life-long practice with its origins in doodling in class and during public lectures. My cartoons often make abstractions visible, exploring themes like Theories of Semiotics, Data vs. Facts, On Listening to Historians Speak, etc. I'll make a gallery when I do more work on this page.


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