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   I’ve taken photographs since I was 20 years old and my father gave me a Pentax SLR after he felt I'd proven myself using a Kodak Brownie. When I travel, my subject matter is often people, their faces, their activities and craft processes, and their contexts of work, including landscapes. More recently, my preferred subject matter seems to be intimate landscapes, natural abstractions, and the play of light on unstable surfaces.

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I'll participate again this year (2022) in Open Studios of Santa Cruz County as Artist#18. Visitors are invited to Suite 215 on the second floor of the Old Wrigley Building at 2801 Mission Street, where framed and matted fine arts photos  and prints on metal will be for sale. And some cartoons, too! The dates are Oct 1-2 and 15-16 from 10am-5pm.
    This space is generously hosted by Bruce Ashely (artist #17), whose beautiful infrared prints will displayed and for sale.
      Open Studios is organized by the Arts Council of Santa Cruz.
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Open Studios is sponsored by the Arts Council of Santa Cruz. Click on their logo for info!


--what's the difference?

The photographic images  I choose to display as art to hang on walls tend to be more complex and more subtle than the ones I choose for cards. They look great with your sofa, and you can live with them a long time because the visual pleasure you they reward longer and more intense visual lingering. Fine arts photographic images will be on display and for sale, matted or matted and framed, or printed on metal, at Open Studios 2022.


But I take a lot of pictures that are, let's face it, just pretty!  At Open Studios 2022 I'll again be selling 5x7 cards with envelopes. Below is a sample of some of the images I have used cards, and many more will be available as cards --scenes from Bali, Mexico, many other places.

2010.09.Westcliff green algae.JPG
Gingko leaves on sidewalk IMG_1768.JPG
2011.01.Westcliff cliff pink & blue water & mtns sunset.JPG

I've had two solo photography shows in Puebla, Mexico - one in May 2010, the other in November 2014.


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